SD Card Support on XVision IP Cameras

SD Card Support on XVision IP Cameras

As we are sure you are aware, there are many types of SD card available on the market currently 
Now Most of these cards will be genuine , but there are some out there being sold as branded cards which are in fact duplicates and can cause many issues when using with XVision IP cameras along with other devices such as mobile phone etc 

Attached is 2 ZIP folders , SDChecker which you can download and run and this will check the SD card being used for reliability , 
When you run the SD Checker software, if the card is ok you will see this .. 

Second ZIP folder is a SDFormatter file , which can be used for formatting the SD card 

We would highly recommend you purchase a Surveillance SD Card such as WD Purple,
Purchase your SD cards from a reliable source and ensure they are Class 10 for recording onto , You can speak to our sales team whom are able to provide assistance in purchasing SD cards from ourselves. 

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Y3K Technical Team 

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